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  • Millbrook Lounge Chair

    2.310,00 C$
    maintenant de 1.963,50 C$
  • Nod Hill Loveseat

    4.230,00 C$
    maintenant de 3.595,50 C$
  • Millbrook Sofa

    4.970,00 C$
    maintenant de 4.224,50 C$
  • Nod Hill Chaise

    4.065,00 C$
    maintenant de 3.455,25 C$
  • Nod Hill Lounge Chair

    2.445,00 C$
    maintenant de 2.078,25 C$
  • Nod Hill Motion Chair

    2.340,00 C$
    maintenant de 1.989,00 C$
  • Millbrook End Table

    970,00 C$
    maintenant 824,50 C$
  • Millbrook Coffee Table

    1.855,00 C$
    maintenant 1.576,75 C$
  • Millbrook Wood-Seat Garden Bench

    2.140,00 C$
    maintenant 1.819,00 C$
  • Nod Hill End Table

    1.085,00 C$
    maintenant 922,25 C$
  • Redding Ridge Upholstered Outdoor Ottoman

    1.135,00 C$
    maintenant de 964,75 C$
  • Nod Hill Ottoman

    1.035,00 C$
    maintenant de 879,75 C$
  • Nod Hill Sofa

    5.965,00 C$
    maintenant de 5.070,25 C$
  • Bridgewater Cove Teak Side Table

    1.085,00 C$
    maintenant 922,25 C$
  • Bridgewater Cove Teak Coffee Table

    1.615,00 C$
    maintenant 1.372,75 C$
  • Bridgewater Cove Teak Ottoman

    1.090,00 C$
    maintenant de 926,50 C$
  • Millbrook Chaise

    3.970,00 C$
    maintenant de 3.374,50 C$
  • Millbrook Ottoman

    855,00 C$
    maintenant de 726,75 C$
  • Twin Rivers Coffee Table

    1.785,00 C$
    maintenant 1.517,25 C$
  • Nod Hill Console Table

    1.660,00 C$
    maintenant 1.411,00 C$
  • Taunton Hill Coffee Table

    2.410,00 C$
    maintenant 2.048,50 C$
  • Atlantic Highland Outdoor Cube Ottoman

    685,00 C$
    maintenant de 582,25 C$
  • Taunton Hill End Table

    1.345,00 C$
    maintenant 1.143,25 C$

Outdoor lounging: classic to modern styles in custom outdoor fabrics.

Elevate your outdoor lounging with stylish and comfortable Ethan Allen outdoor lounging furniture. Sprawl out on an outdoor chaise, or kick back on a four-piece or three-piece outdoor sectional. We have outdoor lounge chairs, sofas, loveseats, and garden benches, too. Need a place to set your drink? Our outdoor end tables and outdoor coffee tables give you all the table space you need. Love to take nature walks? Display the treasures you find on our outdoor consoles. Whether you choose teak, or aluminum, you can add your personal touch to many of our options with custom outdoor fabrics. Go ahead and explore all of our styles and the details that make them unique—from graceful architectural curves and slatted backs, to all-weather wicker weaves, and more. Come relax outdoors in Ethan Allen style this season!