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  • Nouveau

    Clement Upholstered Panel Bed

    de 5.370,00 C$
  • Nouveau

    Clement Bed

    de 5.310,00 C$
  • Colton Storage Bed

    de 4.450,00 C$
  • Beldon Bed

    de 4.110,00 C$
  • Clermont Curved Bed

    de 2.420,00 C$
  • Quincy Bed

    de 3.590,00 C$
  • Emmett Metal Bed

    de 2.010,00 C$
  • Rania Custom Upholstered Bed

    de 3.070,00 C$
  • Lit Drake

    de 2.450,00 C$
  • Lit Kingston

    de 4.520,00 C$
  • Merrick Bed

    de 1.970,00 C$
  • Blythe Arch-Top Metal Bed

    de 1.850,00 C$
  • Andover Upholstered Poster Bed

    5.400,00 C$
    maintenant de 2.356,00 C$
  • Elsen Custom Headboard

    de 1.800,00 C$
  • Lit Chloé

    de 3.760,00 C$
  • Burke Bed

    de 3.590,00 C$
  • Clermont Bed

    de 2.420,00 C$
  • Continental Upholstered Bed

    de 3.690,00 C$
  • Rania Custom Headboard

    de 1.800,00 C$
  • Lit Somerset

    de 7.620,00 C$
  • Lit Robyn

    de 4.230,00 C$
  • Continental Bed

    de 3.870,00 C$
  • Huntsville Bed

    de 2.630,00 C$

Designer FAQs: Bed Frames

I know this is basic, but what is a bed frame?

An Ethan Allen bed frame, boiled down to its essentials, consists of a headboard and some sort of framework to support a mattress and foundation. The mattress and foundation (or a remote-controlled motion base, if you want one) are sold separately.

What do we mean by “some sort of framework”? Our bed frames basically have three types of bases:

  1. A standard base has rails on all sides that connect to form a box. The bottom of the box has a series of slats upon which you rest your foundation and mattress.
  2. A storage base has drawers that you can use to store bed linens or pretty much anything else you want, and your mattress and foundation rest on top of the storage base.
  3. A platform base is designed to have a lower, more modern profile. The foundation (if needed) and mattress rest on top of the platform.

Bed frames can also vary in style; for example, if you have high ceilings, you can choose a poster bed frame (sometimes called an open canopy bed frame) for a really dramatic effect. Some of our beds have no footboard; others have high footboards. It all depends on your space and on the elements that catch your eye.

What bed sizes does Ethan Allen carry?

For most bed frames, we carry queen, king, and California king sizes. For certain bed frames, we also have full, twin, and twin XL sizes. If you’re searching for a specific size, simply use the filter option to see only the beds available in the size you’re looking for.

How do I know which bed size is best for my space?

Sometimes, the size of bed frame you’re purchasing is determined by the size of the mattress you already have, but if you have more freedom, you can start from scratch to choose the right bed size for your space.

If you’re more than 6' tall, we recommend a bed frame that can fit a mattress at least 80" long: twin XL, queen, king, or California king. We also recommend leaving at least 24" of open space around your bed so that you can easily move around and get in and out of bed.

For a guest room that does double duty as your home office, you may want to choose something smaller, like a full-size bed frame. We provide the length and width of all our bed frames on its ordering page, so double-check before you place yours in your cart.

I am not a math person. Is there any other way to figure out how to choose the right bed size?

Yes! Start with your bedroom’s layout and choose a bed size based on how you need your room to function. Use our 3D Room Planner to map out your bedroom: Simply input your bedroom’s dimensions, and then add the bed you like to your room. Add any other furniture you need to shop for (night tables, dresser, comfy chair, etc.), and take an honest look at the layout. If you sleep with a partner, and you really want that chair in the corner by the window, you may need to opt for a queen bed rather than a king bed. Alternatively, you can opt for smaller night tables and enjoy the extra spaciousness of that king bed.

If you’re only purchasing a bed, use our EA inHome® app to see how your new bed will look in your room, thanks to the power of augmented reality. The measurements aren’t absolutely perfect, but you’ll get a really good idea of whether the bed size you want will fit or if you need to size down.

Do I need a mattress and foundation/box spring for every Ethan Allen bed?

Most of the time, but not always. We usually have that information in the Product Details section of the page where you order your bed. If it’s not there, find your bed on our mattress and foundation chart.

You don’t necessarily need an Ethan Allen mattress and foundation for an Ethan Allen bed (although we’re partial to them!), but the chart can at least give you an idea of what’s required for a safe, healthy night’s sleep. You can also see if your bed is compatible with our adjustable bed base.

Do you have more questions? Click the Designer Chat icon, or contact your local Design Center—we’re happy to help!