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Our Best Bedroom Furniture Picks

If your current bedroom décor is a bit of a style snoozer, give it a wake-up call! Our best bedroom furniture picks of the season weave modern color and style into a dreamy, eclectic blend that's sure to bring peaceful pause to all who enter. Shop designer-created rooms, or mix and match to create the best bedroom set for your space. Then, enjoy 24/7 peace of mind, backed by the quality that only comes from Ethan Allen.

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    • Quinn Bed with High Footboard

      4.270,00 C$
      maintenant de 3.629,50 C$
    • Heston Oak Glass-Top Night Table

      2.390,00 C$
      maintenant 2.031,50 C$
    • Sidney Bench

      2.460,00 C$
      maintenant de 1.968,00 C$
    • Burke Bed with Tall Footboard

      4.200,00 C$
      maintenant de 3.570,00 C$
    • Burke Night Table

      1.880,00 C$
      maintenant 1.598,00 C$
    • Tassel Throw

      130,00 C$
      maintenant 110,50 C$
    • Colton Leather Bed

      4.440,00 C$
      maintenant de 3.774,00 C$
    • Nouveau

      More colors available

      Linen Duvet Cover and Sham

      de 320,00 C$
      maintenant de 272,00 C$
    • Canton Night Table

      1.930,00 C$
      maintenant 1.640,50 C$
    • Nouveau

      Rania Custom Headboard

      1.800,00 C$
      maintenant de 1.530,00 C$
    • Travale Printed Duvet Cover and Sham

      de 105,00 C$
      maintenant de 89,25 C$
    • Nouveau

      Travale Two-Tone Pillow, Gray

      345,00 C$
      maintenant 293,25 C$
    • Nouveau

      Elsen Custom Storage Bed

      4.340,00 C$
      maintenant de 3.689,00 C$
    • Nouveau

      Abstract Floral Duvet Cover and Sham

      de 165,00 C$
      maintenant de 140,25 C$
    • Lillie Ceramic Table Lamp

      1.020,00 C$
      maintenant 867,00 C$
    • Lit Kingston

      4.520,00 C$
      maintenant de 3.842,00 C$
    • Diagonal Knit Throw

      105,00 C$
      maintenant 89,25 C$
    • EA Signature Mattress

      2.335,00 C$
      maintenant de 1.868,00 C$