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Need help choosing a sofa, sectional, or chair? Stumped about the best living room décor? Look no further! This season’s best living room furniture is alive with color and artistic inspiration—every bit as classic as our heritage, yet modern enough to satisfy any style inclinations. Take a peek at our personal favorites!

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    • Spencer Roll-Arm Leather Sofa

      de 5.500,00 C$
      more colors available
      more sizes available
    • Spencer Roll-Arm Leather Chair

      de 3.570,00 C$
      more colors available
      more sizes available
    • Albion Bunching Table

      1.550,00 C$
    • Nathalie Barrel-Back Sofa

      de 3.920,00 C$
    • Lisete Chandelier

      de 2.770,00 C$
    • Timlyn Wing Chair

      de 2.220,00 C$
    • Nouveau

      Carlen Sofa, Ready to Ship

      3.720,00 C$
    • Glen Small Leather Club Chair

      de 2.510,00 C$
    • Nouveau

      Tobin Concrete Accent Table

      950,00 C$
    • Chadwick Leather Sofa

      de 6.790,00 C$
    • Sunli Temple Jar

      de 560,00 C$
    • Galleria Shag Rug

      de 2.000,00 C$
    • Canapé Marris

      de 4.790,00 C$
    • Beam Metal Base Coffee Table

      2.420,00 C$
    • Walden Mango Wood Stool

      740,00 C$
    • Roswell Round Coffee Table

      2.130,00 C$
    • lucyBadge

      Riley Sofa

      de 2.380,00 C$
    • Theron Leather Pouf

      500,00 C$