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    • Haley Leather Bench

      3.800,00 C$
    • Haley Bench

      de 2.190,00 C$
    • Wellesley Bench

      de 1.310,00 C$
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    • Wellesley Leather Bench

      de 1.230,00 C$
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    • Sidney Bench

      2.640,00 C$
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    • Brooks Upholstered Bench Seat

      1.370,00 C$
    • Harbor Wood-Base Bench

      1.490,00 C$
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    • Harbor Wood-Base Cocktail Bench

      1.730,00 C$
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    • Sidney Upholstered Leather Metal Bench

      2.920,00 C$
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    • Harbor Leather Wood-Base Cocktail Bench

      1.860,00 C$
      more colors available
    • Harbor Leather Wood-Base Bench

      1.600,00 C$
      more colors available

    Designer FAQs: Upholstered Bench Seats

    How are Ethan Allen benches upholstered?

    Ethan Allen benches are tailored by-hand in our North American workshops. Here are some of the reasons why this is special:

    • We can ensure the highest level of quality, durability, and craftsmanship because we lead the crafting process.
    • We can fully customize your bench however you like: with different materials and finishes for the legs, a unique pattern, custom tufting, nailhead trim, and much more.
    • Because our benches are made in North America, we can get them from our workshops to your home faster—and with expert delivery.

    What upholstery options do I have for my bench?

    Our benches can be made with the fabric or leather of your choice, then completed with the perfect trimmings for you: multiple tufting options, nailhead trim, or even accent fabrics on a single piece. Working with our designers, you will be able to create the bench of your dreams that is totally unique to you.

    Experiment with some of our design options with our 3D room planner , or reach out to your Design Center to get to customizing!

    How do I choose my bench design?

    First, consider the amount of space you have. Here are some ways your space influences what size bench you need:

    • If your bench will be placed at the end of your bed, you may want a long and narrow bench so you can comfortably walk around it.
    • If your bench will be by your front door, you may need a smaller bench so the door can open and close smoothly.

    Next, think about the rest of your furniture.

    • Whether you have a classic, country, coastal, or modern space, your bench should fit right in with the overall look of your room.
    • You can get creative with mix-and-match patterns, colors, and materials for a fun appearance. See some of our favorite fabric combinations for ideas.
    • You can also match your bench to other upholstered furniture, like a headboard or sofa, for a uniform look.

    Why do I need a bench indoors?

    Some reasons you might need or want a bench in your space:

    • You need a place to sit while getting ready in the morning or changing clothes in the evening—in your bedroom, closet, or bathroom.
    • You need a place near the front door to put on or take off shoes.
    • You want to hide the back of your sofa or add extra seating to your living room without adding more chairs.
    • You need to fill a small space with something functional—in a hallway, near a wraparound staircase, etc.

    Where can I put an indoor bench?

    Benches are versatile pieces of furniture that have a place nearly anywhere in your home.

    • Bedroom: In a bedroom, we most commonly see benches at the foot of the bed, but you may also want to place it near your dresser. Benches also work well as seating at a vanity!
    • Living room: Living room benches look great hiding the back of your sofa, set against a window, or flush with an accent wall.
    • Walk-in closet: Walk-in closets are a functional place for a bench—add a little luxury to getting dressed with an upholstered seat.
    • Bathroom: Similar to benches in walk-in closets, a bench in a bathroom uniquely blends luxury and function.
    • Entry or hallway: Entry or hallway benches are the perfect place to sit while getting ready to leave the house. Place a bench in the corner near a wraparound staircase to fill a difficult-to-decorate space.

    Want to visualize one of our benches in your space? Download the EA inHome® app.

    Are Ethan Allen upholstered benches comfortable?

    Though you may not be sitting on an Ethan Allen bench for an extended period of time, you still want to be comfortable while you're getting dressed in the morning or doing whatever else it is that you sit down for.

    Because you need comfort wherever you sit, we fill our upholstered and leather benches with CertiPUR-US® foam, just like the rest of our seating. Your new bench will be as comfortable as your favorite living room sofa.

    How do I choose between a wood or metal bench?

    This depends completely on your preferences and the mood of your room. We think wood benches give off classic, country, or coastal vibes, while metal benches have a more sleek and modern appearance.

    Do you have more questions? Click the Designer Chat icon, or contact your local Design Center—we’re happy to help!