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    Tiberius Small Chandelier

    Now C$1,200.00
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    Percie Linear Chandelier

    Now C$2,376.00
  • new

    Killian Rattan Linear Chandelier

    Now C$1,856.00
  • new

    Pippa Chandelier

    Now C$2,864.00
  • Kennedy Modern White Chandelier

    Now C$1,216.00
  • Farida Chandelier

    Now C$1,560.00
  • Charlotte Beaded Chandelier

    Now C$4,200.00
  • Ronan Glass Chandelier

    Now C$1,200.00
  • Starburst Chandelier

    Now C$2,528.00
  • Ariel Drum Chandelier

    Now C$1,232.00
  • Clara Round Crystal Chandelier

    Now from C$2,504.00
  • Six-Light Chandelier

    Now from C$928.00
  • Orchard Chandelier

    Now C$3,032.00
  • Clara Linear Crystal Chandelier

    Now C$2,496.00
  • Tilda Chandelier

    Now C$2,032.00
  • Taupe Raija Glass Chandelier

    Now C$865.00
  • Turnbull Linear Chandelier

    Now C$1,424.00
  • Small Antoinette Chandelier

    Now C$1,240.00
  • Turnbull Chandelier

    Now from C$1,016.00
  • Zara Drum Chandelier

    Now C$1,248.00
  • Navesink Pendant

    Now C$565.00
  • Brea Modern Drum Chandelier

    Now C$1,160.00
  • new

    Tiberius Linear Chandelier

    Now C$1,664.00
  • Anastasia Crystal Chandelier

    Now C$3,200.00

Designer FAQs: Chandeliers

Do I need a chandelier light?

Chandeliers are just as functional as they are fashionable. Nothing compares to the ambience of overhead ceiling lights when illuminating a room; the bright glow of a large ceiling fixture can easily light a whole space.

Plus, chandeliers add easy visual impact to a room. They work particularly well in spaces with high ceilings or your most formal rooms, but we also have chandelier styles that suit smaller and more casual spaces.

In which rooms in my house should I hang a chandelier?

While we think chandelier lighting can make a luxurious statement in any room, here are a few of our interior designers’ favorite placements—

  • Hang yours in the foyer to make a grand entryway statement. Just one stunning chandelier can make a beautiful first impression on your guests.
  • A dining room is a classic place to hang a chandelier, which can create formal or cozy ambience depending on the style you select.
  • Adding a chandelier to your living room or sitting room adds a “wow” factor that makes these spaces feel ultra-luxurious.
  • Master bedrooms may sound like an unexpected place for a chandelier, but our designers love to hang one in formal-leaning bedrooms to create a glamorous vibe.

Love the visual impact of a chandelier but worry about overwhelming a space with overhead light? Install a dimmer switch for rooms that require a cozier feel.

What kind of chandelier should I get? How do I know it’s of high quality?

Crystal chandeliers are a hallmark of luxurious design. Embrace historic-inspired profiles like our Anastasia chandelier to bring timeless luxury to any room, or you can choose a more modern silhouette like our Clara round chandelier.

Polished metals like nickel or brass have a reflective look that plays with the light, while antiqued metals like iron or oil-rubbed bronze offer a more rustic feel. Choose from modern looks like our industrial-influenced Killian linear chandelier, or select a fixture with a vintage appeal, like our midcentury-inspired Starburst chandelier.

Intriguing materials like beadwork or alabaster have their own distinct looks that set the tone for your space. Our Charlotte beaded chandelier is beachy and casual, while our alabaster Farida chandelier is formal and glamorous.

High-quality chandeliers are tested against rigorous standards. Our lighting fixtures are all UL or ETL listed for safety.

What size chandelier should I choose? Specifically, what’s the best size chandelier for a dining room?

Your chandelier should complement, but not overwhelm, the space in which you’re hanging it. Choose a chandelier based on the size of your space—

A dining room requires some special consideration. If your dining table is round, choose a chandelier that’s between 1/2 and 2/3 of the diameter of your table, making sure your chandelier is at least 6" narrower than your dining table. If you chose a linear chandelier, make sure it’s no more than 2/3 the length of the table or island it hangs over.

Is there a chandelier that you love, but you’re not sure if it will work in your room? Use our EA inHome® app to preview it in your own space.

How do I hang my chandelier light?

We always recommend that a professional electrician installs our chandeliers, but here are a few positioning tips to keep an eye on—

  • There should be a minimum of 4' between the widest part of your chandelier and the nearest wall or doorway.
  • If people will be walking underneath it, the lowest point of your chandelier should be no less than 7' from the floor.
  • Chandelier lighting installed over a dining table should have 30" to 35" of space between the tabletop and the bottom of the fixture.

For more tips on sizing plus handy diagrams, read our lighting buying guide.

If I choose a statement chandelier, how do I decorate around it?

On our interior design inspiration hub, you can browse rooms that feature eye-catching chandeliers—

Do you have other lighting fixtures that coordinate with your chandeliers?

Some rooms need more lighting options, like a floor or table lamp for reading or a wall sconce to highlight focal points like artwork. Explore our lighting collections to shop coordinated designs that make putting together your look as easy as can be.

Do you have more questions? Click the Designer Chat icon, or contact your local Design Center—we’re happy to help!