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  • Elsen Custom Upholstered Bed

    from C$2,990.00
    more colors available
    more options available
  • Charlton Bed

    from C$3,880.00
    more colors available
    more options available
  • Allesandra Bed

    from C$4,330.00
    more colors available
    more options available
  • Charlton Leather Bed

    from C$4,220.00
    more colors available
    more options available
  • Colton Storage Bed

    from C$4,450.00
  • Rania Custom Upholstered Bed

    from C$3,070.00
  • Colton Bed

    from C$3,500.00
  • Colton Leather Bed

    from C$4,440.00
  • Jensen Upholstered Bed

    from C$2,990.00
  • Elsen Custom Headboard

    from C$1,800.00
  • Colton Upholstered Bed with Tall Headboard

    from C$3,760.00
  • Colton Storage Bed with Low Headboard

    from C$4,190.00
  • Elsen Custom Storage Bed

    from C$4,220.00
    more colors available
    more options available
  • Alison Upholstered Bed

    from C$3,160.00
    more options available
    more sizes available
  • Rania Custom Headboard

    from C$1,800.00
  • Colton Leather Tall Headboard

    from C$3,330.00
  • Isabel Upholstered Bed

    from C$3,220.00
  • Colton Bed with Low Headboard

    from C$3,240.00
  • Colton Leather Storage Bed

    from C$5,550.00
  • Jensen Leather Bed

    from C$3,920.00
  • Colton Leather Bed with Low Headboard

    from C$3,920.00
  • Colton Storage Bed with Tall Headboard

    from C$4,710.00
  • Lincoln Leather Upholstered Bed

    from C$4,020.00
  • Colton Leather Headboard

    from C$2,780.00


What are some common mistakes people make when they order an upholstered bed?

Upholstered headboards are gorgeous focal points, so they’re designed to be grand—and “grand” often means tall. Check your ceiling height, particularly if you have an angled ceiling, to make sure you have enough clearance around the headboard’s top and sides. In our storage bases, the drawer opens and extends outward from the footboard—not to the side. Measure to make sure you have enough space between your footboard and your wall or adjacent furniture, so you can fully open the drawer.

Are upholstered beds good choices for any bedroom?

Yes, but keep in mind that quality matters. Over time, if materials are of low quality, or they’re not properly cared for, upholstered headboards become discolored by scalp and hair oils. Investing in high-quality performance fabric or leather, like what we offer at Ethan Allen, ensures durability and long-lasting good looks.

Are upholstered beds hard to clean?

We engineer the performance fabrics on our fabric bed frames for stain resistance and easy cleaning. We also offer many protected leather options to keep your upholstered leather bed looking beautiful over time. To see a fabric or leather in person before you order an upholstered bed, find your fabric or leather in our library and request a free swatch.

Are there going to be visible seams?

It depends. Ethan Allen beds are custom-made and tailored by hand. Seam position depends on the fabric or leather you choose. The repeat of the pattern, the way the tailor positions the material—all these factors will be unique to each fabric or leather. If you’re very particular about seam placement, we recommend that you visit a Design Center, so a designer can help you make the best fabric or leather choice.

How do I choose a mattress for my upholstered bed?

Any Ethan Allen designer can help you; just visit or call a Design Center or click our Designer Chat button. You can also use this chart to find a mattress that works with your upholstered bed. If you’re still not sure which type of mattress is best for your sleep style, click here to take our sleep survey, and we will give you a personalized recommendation.

How does the base on my upholstered bed frame affect the position of my mattress?

Many of our upholstered bed frames come with storage bases, which may position your mattress higher or lower than a standard bed base does. Most people prefer to sleep between 24" and 30"above the floor, so when you choose your mattress and foundation, add 1) the height of the base, 2) the height of the mattress, and 3) the height of the foundation. If the sum is between 24" and 30", you’ll be in that just-right zone.

Do upholstered beds need a box spring or foundation?

Yes, Ethan Allen upholstered beds require a foundation. For Ethan Allen upholstered storage beds, which have a higher base, we recommend an ultra-low foundation.

Does an adjustable bed base work with any upholstered bed frame?

No, so if you love the experience of using a motion base, choose a standard bed base for your upholstered bed. Storage bases are not compatible with motion bases.

Do you have more questions? Click the Designer Chat icon, or contact your local Design Center—we’re happy to help!