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Ethan Allen isn’t about one look. It’s about the freedom to design your look – and the complimentary help of a design professional, if you’d like it, to make sure you get everything right. You are free to be fearless. It’s time to design!

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Individual. Invaluable. Inspired. And always on the house.

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They’re creative professionals who excel at personal service, and they’ll work with you as much or as little as you like. One perfect piece? No problem. A whole-house plan? Of course they can.

They’re approachable, creative, and great at what they do. With their help, you can do no wrong – we’ll make sure of it. Design service is our gift to you, with our compliments – and ours won’t be the only ones.

Look here for your local Design Center, where you can meet a designer in person or schedule a home call – just another great service our designers provide.

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Prefer a face-to-face? Our pleasure. Visit your nearest Design Center. Our designers can help you with anything you need, and their services are always free.

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This real look was created with the help of an Ethan Allen designer

Designer Manuella Morieria
a family’s dream home

See how designer Manuella Moreira from our Design Center in NYC's Flatiron District helped a young couple design their new dream home to fit their growing family—3 boys, a pup, and all!


Tips from our designers

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